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Discover the ‘World Of Work’ with Greater Lincolnshire LEP

Government sets out a strategy for helping young people to access opportunities, case studies and resources!

Did you know that Lincolnshire’s economy has outperformed the rest of the UK in terms of growth in the past 5 years?

It’s been discussed the larger proportion Gen Z are now more aware of other ways of getting a good education than going to down the traditional route. The World of Work website is dedicated to sharing great opportunities into to employment in the local area, it’s a great hub of activity for employers, schools, and training providers to communicate and showcase industries opportunities in one central place.

It’s the second year that GetMyFirstJob have been working with the Lincolnshire LEP and its so exciting to be apart of such an informative resource to Greater Lincolnshire. Spreading the word and being at the centre of the creation, has given us great insight to how engaged everyone is to create awareness and open doors to young people that wouldn’t have always been considered.

The World of Work, a careers information portal for Greater Lincolnshire, commissioned by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP has identified six sectors which have a competitive advantage and can offer real growth. This means building on our strengths and economic assets which offer the greatest potential in order to drive productivity.

• Manufacturing
• Agri-food
• Visitor economy
• Low Carbon
• Health & Care
• Ports & Logistics

Local employers can contribute to the site to provide more information and also benefit from featuring their business showcasing their industry and promote opportunities locally to schools.

In an area that’s responsible for growing 12% of the UK’s food, just imagine the opportunities in business and work.

The website is set to be an inspiration to help young people with career choice, with help from fantastic employers across the region, we want you to be informed whilst challenging the perceptions you may have about local industries. Greater Lincolnshire has a wealth of exciting job roles within diverse industries and sectors. With the case studies on the site under the ‘Be Inspired’ page you can learn about real stories from real employees.

For example, Marine Helicopter Pilot, Wind Turbine Technician, Food Technologist or Aerospace Engineer; the jobs available in the county are as varied as the industries themselves. The World of Work is the place to discover the exciting industries, jobs and employers available in Greater Lincolnshire.

With case studies and information from real employers from the county; this is the place to introduce your students  and young people to their unexplored world of work!

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