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Five genuinely helpful recruitment technologies

Recruitment Tech is quickly becoming one of the most widely/over-used phrases of the 21st century, but for good reason. In amongst the generic back and forth to the advantages and disadvantages of AI in recruitment, the scaremongering thought of robots taking our jobs and ‘that blog’ that describes how much Generation Z use a mobile phone, there does exist something useful. The answer to number three in that abnormally long sentence is ‘a lot’ if you didn’t know.

The truth is, we need technology in order to keep up with changing demands on both sides of the recruitment conversation. Technology is advancing at a rate far quicker than that of our ability, as humans, to fully engage with it. But considering not all of it is actually useful, does that really matter?

In the words of talent professional Hung Lee, “when you have to recruit 20 people, every kind of work that doesn’t help you hit that target is work you aren’t motivated to do. This is a systemic issue, that we are not incentivizing people to the right behaviours. Advanced tech can help with that.”

So, with that in mind, here are five genuinely interesting and useful recruitment technologies for you to try.

Augmented Messaging software
Recruitment is, unfortunately, a superficial world where first impressions and appearances count. Where the majority of initial interaction happens through digital media, however, the proverbial shirt and tie dress up is now the written text of your CV, covering letter or profile. Having a system with integrated messaging is a must, but augmented messaging is another splendid feature that will help keep you or your candidate well presented. Granted it’s not 100% there yet in terms of accuracy, and some say it might not ever be, but writing, mistake-free, is a must. So, download one of these and save yourself (and your candidates) the heartache. We recommend Grammarly and Crystal Knows for starters.

CRM system approach
The trick is in building relationships. Even if the tool isn’t directly used by the candidates, the tool might be used by someone who interacts with candidates (that could be you) and will, therefore, have an impact on their experience – which will have an impact on your relationship with them.

Working from a CRM which stores your candidate information is step one to being GDPR compliant, first of all, but also to creating relationships with candidates to fill your talent pipeline with future hires. Candidates duck in and out of the process at various times and places. Make sure you’re there for them when they need it. Deloitte says that anyone capable of creating an impressive candidate experience is going to have the pick of talent. I’d be inclined to take that seriously

Vacancy competition analysis
I’m pleased to be able to include this one as something new that we have created for our users. Our competition analysis tool looks at vacancies similar to the one you want to upload to our TalentPortal recruitment solution and tells you how its various specs line up against your competitors. It’s even specific enough to compare this to competitors in a specific area too.

This is useful because it helps you change your offering to attract the candidates you need and want. In the current fight for emerging talent, thanks to high employment rates, this will give you the edge. Another employer might be paying 50p more for their vacancy – so what are you going to do about yours? (winky emoji’s)

Video CV’s
You might be scratching your head at this one but hang in there and I’ll explain. Video CV’s are becoming more prevalent nowadays as candidates look for new ways to stand out and demonstrate degrees of creativity. But it’s not the standing out that makes sense, it’s the snapshot of the candidate’s personality that counts the most. Businesses are looking for personality and culture fit, as much as the ability to use Microsoft Word, and they have insight into this through video CV’s. Personality that is lacking through a paper CV or online profile is now captured in an instant. Nice work candidates!

Pro-active search
Pro-active search should have replaced all conventional ways of large-scale recruiting, right now. But it hasn’t. A lot of organisations looking to hire for a lot of positions often take a mass-marketing style approach, in order to access hundreds (if not thousands) of applications, but why?

We’ve covered CRM system approaches already but leading on from this is the ability to target candidates within these databases with more direct intent. If you’re looking for a young person with a driving license, hobbies and an interest in cars to take on a level 3 Business Admin Apprenticeship in Reading, then why don’t you go look for them? A good CRM will have the necessary criteria to target them – an even better one will have the tools to contact them.

Why would you waste all that time waiting for applications to roll in, wait to sift through hundreds of irrelevant responses AND wait for the pressure of a nearby deadline because all of this has taken so long? You may as well go out and get what you or your client’s company needs, right? Enough said.

In conclusion
If you are using and benefiting from any of these then that’s great and well done. But you’re part of a minority. The word needs to be spread about the benefits of these systems and why more organisations should be using them. They can genuinely help, and your candidates deserve it. So, get liking and posting… Please!

Smarter Early Talent attraction requires a new way of thinking. As the talent landscape continuously changes, the best decision is to ask the experts. If you have any questions, you can contact us at or call us on 023 9387 6400.