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Technology: Aiding a flexible recruitment approach

The current global situation has recently been forcing many companies to think a little differently in the ways they work. It’s no secret that technology has always allowed us to work smarter as individuals across all industries, but for recruitment, the biggest benefits are in flexibility. It’s something that we, here at TheTalentPeople, have always sought to provide for our clients, and with increasing amounts of them working from home, this has truly been brought to life.

Hasna Mashoor, Client Director at MOI Global, recently touched on the positives that fully immersive digital experiences can bring to companies, in her blog ‘Coronavirus: Face it’. For client industries that rely (and benefit) primarily on face to face events and meetings, there is much to be gained from taking these practices to the digital realm she says, “It not only ensures the event will still run under the most trying of real-world circumstances, but will [also] attract potential new and valuable audiences who would never have attended in person.” Here Hasna was referring to international events involving tens of thousands of individuals – for targeted, one on one encounters the effects are amplified.

For a recruiter, where success is reliant on consistent communication, feedback and interviews sat, loss of any one of these elements could be detrimental to the entire process; the same goes for the hiring organisation’s point of view too. This is where technology can shine. “Phone interviewing is great and always works well, and video interviews have benefits too,” explains Abi Chandler, Talent Manager at TheTalentPeople. “If for example, I am unable to arrange a face to face meeting with candidates, a video interview has always been the perfect alternative and much more accessible for candidates and recruiting organisation in most cases. It’s also a great way to keep the candidate interested throughout the recruitment process. With the release of our recent integrated video interview functionality, this has never been easier.”

It’s not just the interview phase that benefits from technological advances, however. Chloe Hutchins, Recruitment Team Leader explains the benefits of TalentPortal, the sole talent management platform employed by her team, “its ability to manage all applications from one single place is unrivalled. I can ensure that my adverts are seen by a wide audience of people through different mediums, whilst only ever having to operate via the portal itself. Due to it being an online system I can log in any place, any time.” Chloe adds to Abi’s prior statement about video interviewing, saying “They allow the employer to pick up on things like body language which can be a huge influencing factor on their decision to take someone on.”

Danielle Ray, Talent Manager, shares her views from a client management perspective, “TalentPortal for me is all about my ability to better manage the recruitment process and in light of the current health situation, make sure that everyone in the process is given the opportunity to minimise risks.” Returning from a recent team ‘work from home’ test situation, she adds, “for me at this stage it’s about the platform’s capabilities in a mobile operating scenario. For my clients, it’s about a consistent and steady flow of engaged and perfectly suited candidates, ready for interview no matter what external factors are at play. Reassurance for all stakeholders allows me to continuously provide a high level of service.”

If you’re interested to know more about how integrated video interviewing features and flexible recruitment technology can work for you or your company, call our talent tech expert, Adam Phillimore on 023 9387 6400 or email him at