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Employer Roundtable Highlights April 2020

Attracting Apprentices and School Leavers

Employer Roundtable Highlights May 2020

Brand Promotion and Talent Pipeline Generation

Employer Roundtable Highlights June 2020

Candidate Attraction and Onboarding

Employer Roundtable Highlights July 2020

MAJIC and Candidate Pipelines

Employer Roundtable Highlights August 2020

Creating Candidate Journeys

Childcare: changing candidate preferences in a key industry

The impacts of a national health crisis has seen many changes to candidate industry preference; the effects of which have been felt strongly in the childcare sector.

MAJIC Scorecard

To get the most out of your attraction campaigns

Employer Roundtable Highlights September 2020

Diversity & Inclusion


A systematic approach to achieving your hiring objectives


A systematic approach to attracting diverse candidates virtually

Social Mobility: Measuring the relationship of candidates and career preferences

Exploring the growth in candidate ‘aspiration gaps’ between those most and least deprived and the challenges social mobility face as a result.

Employer Roundtable Highlights November 2020

Gender and candidate attraction

Smarter talent attraction
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