The TalentPortal: Revolutionise your Recruitment

Revolutionise Recruitment? That’s a bold claim. It’s not our words, but simply what our customers say. Find out how the TalentPortal can help you achieve twice as much as other recruitment systems.

More Applications

Load your vacancies on the TalentPortal, and you enter our amazing network of talent attraction. As well as, the UK’s #1 site for Emerging Talent, your vacancies can be automatically loaded to the Government’s Find an Apprenticeship site, as well as Reed, Indeed, Google Jobs, Social Media channels and many more. We also work with our extensive partner network – DofE, Prince’s Trust, NCS, Movement to Work, Tomorrow’s People (we did say it was extensive) to help get your message out there.

More Choice

We know that getting the right number of high-quality candidates, when you need them is the thing that counts. Whether you are running a national campaign, or simply looking for that one star of the future, the TalentPortal lets you manage and search for the best fit candidates. As well as your applications, the TalentPortal lets you search our constantly updated candidate pool featuring tens of thousands of engaged young people. You can choose from this huge potential candidate pool to create shortlists of the best candidates in seconds for the highest levels of customer service.

More Engagement

There’s far more than having an email address or phone number when it comes to engagement. The TalentPortal has an integrated messaging engine that allows recruiters to communicate with both applicants and potential candidates from within the system. Candidates can they reply and start a chat using our built in messaging service. This approach allows groups of candidates to be contacted at once, and then reminders to be triggered throughout the recruitment process delivering a great candidate experience, as well higher contact and response rates.

Better insight

Successful attraction depends on a deep understanding of the talent market. Over the last 5 years, we’ve gathered data about candidates’ interests and education as well as other demographic details. This is married up with analysis of vacancies; quantity, pay, location and employing organisation to. This data set provides a unique insight into the career interests, aspirations and destinations of candidates across the country. This information can be used to predict the quality and number of candidates in advance of any recruitment campaign.

Talent Analytics Report

The Talent Portal provides all the reporting needed to support efficient and effective recruitment. From management of workload to reporting to clients and evaluating the RoI of marketing activity the Talent Portal helps you make the most of all the resources at your disposal.

Artificial Intelligence

We saved the best ’til last! New for 2019 is our Artificial Intelligence assistant, Millie. Why Millie? Well, she’s looked at over 1,000,000 different data points from candidates’ applications. After all this training, she’s one smart cookie. Millie can help by importing your vacancies, searching for the best candidates and letting you know when people have applied. She makes professional recruitment that much easier, allowing you to focus on spending time with candidates and employers to ensure the best fit.

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